Design and Consultation In The Triangle


Why Cornerstone?

Are you planning on building on or improving your office or property? Do you need someone that you can trust to find the best, most cost effective solution? The management at Cornerstone Construction has been collectively involved in all facets of commercial construction for over 50 years and a great service we offer is Scope and Spec Creation – Cornerstone can write up a detailed scope of work and the material specifications for all your projects! If you have ever gotten prices from multiple contractors without all the details, you know how confusing the bids (and prices!) can be. Using our extensive knowledge we can work with you to create true apples to apples bids!

What Makes Cornerstone Unique?

Not only can we build your project but Cornerstone offers Architectural, Engineering and Interior Design services to ensure everything is well planned out before work starts. Interior Design isn’t simply picking colors for finishes, it encompasses planning your space, listening to your ideas, your budget and coming up with value decisions to make your project spectacular. Our design department also works hand in hand with Architects and Engineers that we’ve partnered with for many years to not only save you money in the short and long term but to make sure everything is code legal and up to date. If you need help designing your community’s new outdoor kitchen to making sure your new building meets form and fashion and nearly everything between, give Cornerstone Construction a call. Your one stop shop for everything commercial construction.

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